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Soarrocs mtb rims asymmetrical 29er carbon rims for XC carbon 29er wheels

Soarrocs mtb rims asymmetrical 29er carbon rims for XC carbon 29er wheels

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Customer Reviews


  • Asym2230XC

With 2.5mm thickness rim lip,2.6mm offset,360 grams only,double-wall designed,piece of cake for a 264.5 lbs /120 kg rider…Asym2230XC  is representative carbon MTB rim not just among all of our asymmertric MTB rims, but among the market of carbon MTB rim as well. Advanced laser positioning technique achieved every piece of carbon fiber is in correct position, the 22mm profile and slant rim shape helps rider get rid of mud,weeds,roots,gravel, and get away quickly in complex road conditions.

Rim depth – 22mm
Rim width – 30mm
Inner width – 25mm
Rim weight -29er – XC 360 grams

  • Asym2528XC

The SoarRocs 29er Asym2528xc carbon mtb rims were revolutionary new product since early 2015. The asymmetric structure is perfect design to balance spoke tension on both drive and non drive side,you can feel the power transmission is more efficient if use this rim for your rear wheel. decent 28mm width and excellent acceleration suit for most XC riders,3mm thickness provide enough strength for normal impacts or jumps,you can easily install or get off tires which you can buy everywhere.

Rim depth – 25mm
Rim width – 28mm
Inner width – 22mm
Rim weight -29er – XC 365 grams

  • Asym3033XC

If 3mm thick rim lips still thin to you, our 29er SoarRocs Asym3033XC rim can bring your surprise, inner 26mm width with hookless rim bead,also compatible for tubeless tire. Final 3.5mm wide rim lips make you far away from worry about intensity collisions in all cyclo cross roads, even with high tire pressure. it’s nice option of  your carbon 29er wheels.

Rim depth – 30mm
Rim width – 33mm
Inner width – 26mm
Rim weight -29er – XC 370 grams

Please choose the favorite version for your MTB wheels and carbon fiber bike,welcome any kind of custom cooperation! There have flexible terms and custom service for wholesale orders and personal tailor service for carbon MTB rims.

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Spokes Hole:
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Hole Dia.:
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Structure Diagram Asym2230XC Asym2528XC Asym3033XC
Item XC Asymmetric MTB Rim XC Asymmetric MTB Rim XC Asymmetric MTB Rim
Rim Type Asym2230XC Asym2528XC Asym3033XC
Rim Size 29er 29er 29er
Rim Depth 22mm 25mm 30mm
Rim Width 30mm 28mm 33mm
Inner Width 25mm 22mm 26mm
Center Offset 2.6mm 2.6mm 2.8mm
ERD 594mm 590mm 579mm
BSD 622mm 622mm 622mm
Material 100% carbon 100% carbon 100% carbon
Rim Weight g/pc XC – 360±10 grams XC – 360±15 grams XC – 370±15 grams
Spokes hole Dia. External nipples 4.5mm / Internal nipples 2.5mm External nipples 4.5mm / Internal nipples 2.5mm External nipples 4.5mm / Internal nipples 2.5mm
Assembly Hole Dia. 7.5mm / 8.0mm 7.5mm / 8.0mm 7.5mm / 8.0mm
Valve hole Dia. Presta 6.5mm / Schrader 8.5mm Presta 6.5mm / Schrader 8.5mm Presta 6.5mm / Schrader 8.5mm
Weave Option 3K / UD 3K / UD 3K / UD
Paint Matte / Glossy Matte / Glossy  Matte / Glossy
Recommended Rider Weight <264.5 lbs /120 kg <264.5 lbs /120 kg <264.5 lbs /120 kg



Hookless bead is more and more popular in MTB rim market, cause its much easier to install tires at least.More importantly,we designed the rim lip arrived 2.5mm,3mm and 3.5mm thick for three type of our asymmetric carbon rim, the stiff thickness helps releases the impact stresses on both the front and sides. Soarrocs 29er cyclocross MTB rim utilized multi angle fiber reinforced system.Via this technique,the torsion performance is perfectly nice. it play a great role to improve the strength, increase the resist compression or tensile coefficient.You can gain reliable strength,powerful stability from the Soarrocs 29er asymmetrical MTB rim.


For MTB rims,especially 29er carbon rims,good handling and safety are two essential factors.Our raised bead lock design helps lock the tire more firmly, it can avoid tires slippery, increasing security,bring you reliable experience.


Nowadays,people search for carbon rim as light as possible to reduce riding fatigue,but without sacrificing wheel or rim strength.Usually for a traditional MTB carbon rims, the spokes tension on drive side is 2-3 times higher than non-drive side,to keep the rim tensile strength is good enough,more carbon fiber has been used as reinforced part,its finally increase the rim or wheel weight. Face this challange, Soarrocs resolve this problem from structure itself. we utilized asymmetric design, the feature of asymmetical carbon fiber mountain bike rims is mainly have center offser between nipples bed and tire bed. total 2.6-2.8mm offset could balance the spokes tension on both drive side and non-drive side.Also,you can use the asymmetical mtb rims for front carbon 29er wheels using,because MTB wheels are disc brake mainly,our asymmetric can balance the tension on both sides of the front wheel very well.


Early from rim research, we tested the spokes tension at 300 kgf usually to see weather the nipples bed is stiff enough or not. Sure, spokes hole must be ok without any crack.After that,we’re confidently to say the spoke bed is strong (Actual use around 130kgf ).The key to keep nipples bed strength be stable and powerful is we design to laying the rim with best carbon fiber slice by slice,most importantly,Soarrocs laser positioning technique helps every piece of carbon fiber is in correct position.

soarrocs-asymmetric-XC-rim (4)

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