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About Us

SoarRocs design, produce and market carbon fiber rims & wheels for BMX,MTB,road cycling,track racing,and triathlons. Focus on providing state-of-the-art carbon rims,wheels and personalized customer service  to worldwide.We look forward to cyclists utilize SoarRocs wheels running in the cycling field just like rocs soaring in the sky.

Cycling is a happy way of life for us.Some friends asked Anic whether there have possibility to supply high quality carbon bicycle rim to them, with more efficient,and unmatched durability,most importantly, with competitive price. Comparing high cost and arrogant after service of branded wheels, cyclists from France,Italy,Spain,USA and many other countries are much desire for quality warranted wheels and better services. Anic replied say,Its cool,let’s do it. And then,SoarRocs was established in 2015 in China.

The lofty goal of SoarRocs is to improve the bicycle:  to make it better tracking, less rider fatigue, lighter weight but without sacrifice in strength or reliability,excellent acceleration,remarkable comfort.SoarRocs is committed creating and developing the higher performance wheels through innovative design and utilizing the best material and technics available for bicycle wheels.

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