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Road bike rims 23mm/25mm wide 88mm tubular 50mm tubeless clincher 38mm carbon clincher bicycle wheel rim

Road bike rims 23mm/25mm wide 88mm tubular 50mm tubeless clincher 38mm carbon clincher bicycle wheel rim

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Customer Reviews

rim structure

Soarrocs® 23mm/25mm wide carbon road bike rims utilizing full carbon fiber material,the series include 88mm carbon rim, 50mm bicycle wheel rim and 38mm carbon clincher rim etc., both 23mm width and 25mm wide are available.As an excellent quality carbon fiber bike rims, Soarrocs road bike rims with aerodynamic and high strength advantages.there are powerful enough for triathlon, training, racing and cyclo cross cycling etc. Particularly,There is a reinforced carbon strip added inside the rim bed,this advanced process protects rim from tension crack. Max 330kgf  by spoke tension test. yes, the strength over EN standard and practical use very much.But we still recommend buyer use the rim at correct way, at least follow the spokes or tires guides to built your road bike carbon wheels.Usually recommended spokes tension is 130 kgf around, max 120 psi for clincher rim and rider weight less than 125 kg is ok.

88mm rim 4

Over years, SoarRocs created and developed Hi-TG System, to enhance the heat resistance of wheels fundamentally. Yes, It’s crazy difficult to get high temperature resistant resin, this is why SoarRocs spent many years developed the tailor-made resin. This is one of gorgeous achievements in carbon rim industry.

After testing good, the incomeing Toray carbon fiber need be soaked in the SoarRocs tailor-made resin ( Hi-TG System), and airing, cooling, lacing fiber to rim, finally molding, the rim get a quality sublimation,that is high-temperature resistant while braking. We tested at standard 200 degrees Celsius ( 392 degrees Fahrenheit), rim is fine. Even max arrive at 230℃ ( 230 ℃ = 446 ℉), the rim still seldom deformed.We tried UD, 3K,3K twill,12K, marble carbon fiber for brake surface, under same process of Hi-TG System, test proved nearly same. Market feedback is consistent with our test report. Awesome feature ! you can use our rim for long descents under proper intensity even, not just flat road or track races.

You can find various carbon rim on market, not all brake surface are Basalt, even if you found basalt brake surface, not means it’s high-temperature resistant. Only utilize original carbon basalt fiber soaked in tailor-made resin (SoarRocs Hi-TG System ) can achieve the brilliant braking efficience. To accomplish this, we must invest more in quality control costs, but good to users, without doubt, it’s worthwhile. This is what SoarRocs did as always.People buy quality qualified rim / wheels from SoarRocs, use it and maintain wheels be good, nobody wanna abuse it. How to keep rim’s longevity ? a wise braking method or habit is necessary for V brake carbon rim / wheels, such as ahead of the brakes, less urgent brake, front and rear wheel brake alternately, intermittent brake etc.



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Rim Depth:
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Finish Paint:
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Spokes Count:
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Spokes Hole:
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Brake Surface:
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Rim Tape:
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38-50-88 rim


Rim Depth:   38MM 50MM  88MM
Rim Width: 23mm 25mm 23mm 25mm 23mm 25mm
Tubular Rim Weight (±10 g / pc):  340g 350g 400g 410g 500g 505g
Clincher Rim Weight (±10 g / pc):  460g 465g 490g 515g 670g 675g
Tubeless Clincher Rim Weight (±10 g / pc):  465g 470g 495g 520g 675g 680g
Effective Rim Diameter< external nipples >:  562mm 564mm 538mm 540mm 462mm 463mm
Max recommended rider weight:  253.5 lbs / 115 kg 253.5 lbs / 115 kg 265 lbs / 120 kg 265 lbs / 120 kg 275.5 lbs / 125 kg 275.5 lbs / 125 kg
Recommended Tire Using:   700 x 23C  700 x 25C  700 x 23C  700 x 25C  700 x 23C 700 x 25C
Recommended Max Tire Pressure:   7.9 bar /115 psi 7.9 bar /115 psi 8.27 bar /120 psi 8.27 bar /120 psi 8.27 bar /120 psi 8.27 bar /120 psi
Recommended Spokes Tension:  130 kgf 130 kgf 130 kgf 130 kgf 130 kgf 130 kgf
General Data:   Size 700C / Full carbon material / Rims Roundness & Flatness ≤ 0.20 mm / 12 months warrnty
Custom Decal / Sticker :   Supported ( please contact us for more details about custom decal,paint, drilling, tags etc.)


a.> Full Carbon Fiber Material

Material quality is the first important key of a rim. Soarrocs® utilizing Toray carbon fiber to produce our rims. Definitely,It cost higher much than carbon fiber from South Korea,Taiwan and China mainland or elsewhere, but comparing the accompanying durability and stiffness,it’s worthwhile. Besides,we use basalt fiber combine with high TG resin (TG 240℃) to make the breaking surface for V-break rim.It helps resist the braking heat and abrasion.

Choosing the right rim is one of the chief factor in ensuring a great riding experience. With honour, Soarrocs® providing you with some of the best road bicycle rims out there including 38mm /50mm /88mm carbon fiber bike rims with hole from 16h,18h,20h,21h,24h, to 28 hole. Both 23mm wide and 25mm width 700c carbon rims could meet all your wheel demands of riding on stone road, cyclo-cross or daily training. 

Tubeless clincher

b.> Tubeless ( compatible ) Clincher

Three type of rim bed are optional for displayed 38mm carbon clincher,50mm bicycle wheel rim and 88mm road bike rims. there are tubular, clincher, tubeless ( compatible ) clincher.

From MTB to road, we have been working on our new tubeless rim bed profile (Tubeless System) for years. Delivering a rim that can safely run tubeless tires as well as well as normal tube and tire. People can run at lower pressure, punctures will seal up with sealant, less weight load, less rider fatigue, more power output..User’s experience and market feedback shows that tubeless feature is welcome, more and more popular.

Adding the Tubeless Kits: including our tubeless valves and tubeless tapes. We will install two layers of the tubeless tapes in the exact width you need for your wheels. also we will install two of our tubeless valves in the exact length needed for your wheels. ( Note: you will still need a tubeless specific tire and sealant to run the wheels as a tubeless system.)


c.> Safety Testing System

To make sure every type of rim is perfect and safe enough, Soarrocs carbon fiber bike rims have to pass through complete safety tests before enter into market. Such as strength, spoke force, lateral torsion, and tire inflating test etc. Please read the specification first and follow the guides before correctly using the rims.

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