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Carbon fiber road bike rims 30mm tubeless clincher bicycle wheel rims UD matte 20h/24h/28h asymmetric carbon fiber rims

Carbon fiber road bike rims 30mm tubeless clincher bicycle wheel rims UD matte 20h/24h/28h asymmetric carbon fiber rims

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Customer Reviews

TC30 diagram


Choosing the right rim is one of the chief factor in ensuring a great riding experience. With unremitting efforts, Soarrocs® providing you with some of the best carbon bike rims out there includes TL 30 and Asym 30. Both type of carbon fiber rims are 30 mm profile depth and 25 mm width. full carbon fiber material,tubeless clincher rim bed,UD matte finish always, use for 700C road bikes wheel. Common combination is front 20h symmetric rim and  rear 24h asymmetric rim. Sure, you can order other holes as per your hub condition. Usually,external and internal drilling of 16h/18h /20h/21h/24h/28h/32h are all available.

TC30 wheel

Except the features of textured brake surface we described at the technology page,we are going to talk about the advantages of asymmetric design. The creativity comes from the mountains bike rims,we use it for road bicycle rim. To keep the spokes tension as equal as possible on both drive side and non-drive side,the rim shape need be not asymmetric, that’s the idea of Asymmetric comes out. the rim shape like a mountain, one side is flat, the other side is steep,utilizing the structure’s change to get two different force transmission, and finally balance the spokes tension on both sides, brings cyclist a more powerful acceleration and stable support when turning.


For a road carbon rim, people concerned about factors mainly are stiffness, light weight, brake efficiency. Talking about stiffness, how to make sure the rim spoke bed is strong enough to stand different hub,different lacing,different spoke tension?

A lot of producer choose overlaping more slices of carbon fiber to spoke bed, or putting carbon blocks on spoke hole spot. This method is feasible in theory, but it is difficult to operate. Because the added carbon parts can be moved under high pressure inflating while molding, it brings high defect rate. Not only can not achieve the desired effect, but increase the rim weight and the risk of cracking. Even know the disadvantages, most carbon rim producers keep using this method. As they say, delete the defective rim, the good rim have better strength than normal rim without any reinforced aid.

Simplify complex issues, do the simple things to the extreme, this is SoarRocs style. We get out of the shackles of traditional thinking, creatively adopted 2 pcs molding technics, say molded a carbon strip as per every type of rim firstly, keeping the diameter is accurate and circle is exactly same, no gap at all. And then glued with resin of SoarRocs Hi-TG System, baking it before stick on rim spoke bed while in layering process, the carbon strip is solid inside rim very well, finally molding the rim under high temperature and high pressure inflating, the rim body is fully integrated with carbon strip finally, strength get double guaranteed. Testing 300 kgf is piece of cake, limit test state can reach 350 kgf for several depth rim, the rim still ok, seldom crack, but nipples cracked instead, This report is over EN standard and practical use very much,So you just buy and use our rim freely, follow the nipples or spoke tension guides. This technics is one of our Stiffness Reinforcing System (SR System). You may ask how heavy the carbon strip is? 10-20 grams/pc (deeper /wider rim need bigger strips). Due to the Toray carbon fiber we use are 100% original, and the resin flow controled very well, our SoarRocs carbon rim still light weight compare to other rim which you can buy on market. We sell thousands of carbon rim every year, the SR System helps riders avoid many headache quality problems if buy rim or wheel from some other unreliable suppliers.

SoarRocs carbon bike rims have one more advantage since utilize SR System,that is perfect stiffness. We promise you same high standard for all of our rim / wheels for  individuals or wholesale orders. Private custom and OEM service are available. Please contact our service for details.

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Carbon fiber road bike rims 30mm tubeless clincher bicycle wheel rims UD matte 20h/24h/28h asymmetric carbon fiber rims


Rim Version: TL 30 Asym 30
Diagram: Sym TC30mm Asym TC30mm
Depth:  30mm  30mm
Width: 25mm 25mm
Size: 700C 700C
BSD: 622mm 622mm
Shape: Symmetric Asymmetric
Material: T800 T800
Bed: Tubeless (campatible ) Clincher Tubeless (campatible ) Clincher
ERD < External Nipples >:  579mm 579mm
Rim Weight (±15 g / pc): 435g 435g
Drilling Hole:  External / Internal nipples External / Internal nipples
Finish Weave:  UD  UD
Final Paint:  Matte /Glossy  Matte /Glossy
Max recommended rider weight: 265 lbs / 120 kg 265 lbs / 120 kg
Recommended spokes tension:  <300kgf <300kgf
Recommended tire using: 700 x 25C 700 x 25C
Recommended max tire pressure:  8.27 bar /120 psi 8.27 bar /120 psi
Available for:  Front / Rear wheel  Rear wheel
Global warranty: 12 months 12 months

without install hole


The carbon fiber rims bed without installing hole,match using tubeless valve stem and tubeless tire,with advantages of light weight,excellent air tightness, no leakage etc.

Soarrocs Tub-asym 30

a.>  Concave-convex Textured Brake Surface.

V-brake of carbon fiber road bike wheel rims is not that important. . . until it is! One of the things people have fear in regards to carbon is the braking performance, especially in wet conditions. Carbon braking performance has always lagged behind aluminum in terms of pure stopping power. With the new brake track on these rims, featuring a slight textured surface,C-C (concave-convex) braking is better than ever.Beside looking nice,improving the heat dissipation effect, increasing friction resistance, with drainage function as well. Feel confident that no matter what terrain,speed or weather condition. 

Tubeless clincher

b.> Tubeless ( campatible ) Clincher

From MTB to road, we have been working on our new tubeless rim bed profile (Tubeless System) for years. Delivering a rim that can safely run tubeless tires as well as well as normal tube and tire. People can run at lower pressure, punctures will seal up with sealant, less weight load, less rider fatigue, easier handling..User’s experience and market feedback shows that tubeless bike rims is more and more welcome.

Above picture shows that both using for common clincher wheels and tubeless clincher wheelset, you can click the kits as per your rim demands.( Note: you will still need a tubeless specific tire and sealant to run the wheels as a tubeless system.)

Toray carbon fiber

c.> Best Carbon Fiber Material

Soarrocs® utilizing best Toray carbon fiber material to make bicycle wheel rims, cause material quality is the first important key of a rim. Definitely,It cost higher much than some cheaper carbon fiber from Taiwan,South Korea or elsewhere, but comparing the accompanying stability, it’s worthwhile. Besides,to help resist the braking heat and abrasion, the carbon fiber need be impregnated with high TG ( TG 240℃ ) resin before cutting them into slice of carbon strip.  If textured brake surface is improve the braking performance at outside shape design, then best carbon fiber & high TG technic is enhance the heat resistance of wheels fundamentally. Soarrocs® providing you with front symmetric tubeless (campatible ) clincher rim and rear asymmetric.Please order as the option guides, we trust the 25mm wide 700c carbon rim can bring you wonderful riding experience.

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