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23mm wide road disc carbon fiber rims for sale 700C custom carbon fiber bicycles 38/50/60/88mm tubeless clincher bicycle rims

23mm wide road disc carbon fiber rims for sale 700C custom carbon fiber bicycles 38/50/60/88mm tubeless clincher bicycle rims

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Customer Reviews

Road Disc

Soarrocs road disc series carbon fiber bicycle rims utilizing advanced structure design, combining hookless clincher, tubeless compatible and brakeless. Popular 23 mm rim tire width and max 26 mm rim body width brings an aerodynamic performance. As a custom carbon fiber bicycles rims, you can set the finish weave,such as 3K,UD, marble, 3k twill, 12k, kevlar  etc. and the angle of spokes hole, don’t even say decal or your custom stickers. If Soarrocs can do something for you, just say the words.We trust the ultralight weight, nice apperence, professional rim quality would impress everyone. Most important, functional features achieve your wheel to all road terrain, includes flat rolling,climbing,road race,gravel, TT / triathlon etc.

700c road disc rim

Material quality is the first important key of a rim. Soarrocs® utilizing Toray carbon fiber to produce our rims. Definitely,It cost higher much than carbon fiber from South Korea,Taiwan and China mainland or elsewhere, but comparing the accompanying durability and stiffness,it’s worthwhile. To make sure every type of rim is perfect and safe enough, Soarrocs carbon fiber bicycle rims have to pass through complete safety tests before enter into market. Such as strength, spokes force, lateral torsion, and tire inflating test etc. Please read the specification first and follow the guides before correctly using the rims.


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700C disc rim


Rim Version:  RD38HC RD50HC RD60HC RD88HC
Rim Depth:  38mm 50mm 60mm 88mm
Rim Lip Width:  23mm 23mm 23mm 23mm
Internal Width:  17mm 17mm 17mm 17mm
Rim Weight (±15 g / pc):  460g 480g 540g 650g
Effective Rim Diameter< external nipples >:  562mm 538mm 518mm 462mm
Max recommended rider weight:  253.5 lbs / 115 kg 265 lbs / 120 kg 275.5 lbs / 125 kg 275.5 lbs / 125 kg
Recommended Tire Using:   700 x 23C  700 x 23C  700 x 23C 700 x 23C
Recommended Max Tire Pressure:   7.9 bar /115 psi 8.27 bar /120 psi 8.27 bar /120 psi 8.27 bar /120 psi
Recommended Spokes Tension:  130 kgf 130 kgf 130 kgf 130 kgf
General Data: 
  • Hookless / Tubeless compitable / Clincher/ Brakeless
  • Full carbon material / Size 700C / BSD 622mm
  • Rims Roundness & Flatness ≤ 0.25 mm 
Custom Decal / Sticker :   Supported ( please contact us for more details about custom decal,paint, drilling, tags etc.)


  • Hookless

You could understand our hookless design this way-It’s a kind of beadless tire retention. The key to a good tubeless system is a tire and rim that works harmoniously to create a seal at the tire bed of the rim. By eliminating the “hook” from the top of the rim sidewall, we are able to produce rims to more precise dimensions, allowing riders to run lower tire pressures without the risk of unpredictable air loss or pinch flats.Besides,the thickness of rim lip arrived 3mm, yes, we enhance the lips thickness to increase resist high tire pressure, when tire contact with the ground, stable and powerful rim edge helps wheel rolling better. Soarrocs RD series carbon rim is one of great option for your riding experience, suit for all road terrain, such as flat rolling,TT / triathlon,climbing,road race,gravel etc.

  • Brakeless

Road disc rim is a revolutionary innovation from traditional V brake road bicycle wheel.No brake surface at all, just like standard MTB rims,people do not fear of rim deformation due to braking or some other problems like that,road disc is welcomed more and more among many type of official races. The brakeless feature makes rim finish looks more simple and professional,it support large decal or custom sticker design. With reliable strength,excellent rim shape design,aerodynamic structure… Soarrocs road disc series carbon bicycle rims one of your best choice.

  • Tubeless ( compatible ) Clincher

Delivering Soarrocs road disc rim that can safely run tubeless tires as well as normal tube and tire.We have been working on our new tubeless rim bed profile (Tubeless System) for years from MTB to road.  People can run at lower pressure, punctures will seal up with sealant, less weight load, less rider fatigue, more power output…User’s experience and market feedback shows that tubeless feature is welcome, more and more popular.

Tubeless clincher

Adding the Tubeless Kits: including our tubeless valves and tubeless tapes. We will install two layers of the tubeless tapes in the exact width you need for your wheels. also we will install two of our tubeless valves in the exact length needed for your wheels. ( Note: you will still need a tubeless specific tire and sealant to run the wheels as a tubeless system.)

  • Dynamic Balance 

Oh, I can feel that a little bit shake or jump under high speed tracking, not all the time, its related with riding speed. some cyclists leaved messages in forum or cycling clubs.This is what dynamic balance lead to. 

Dynamic balance system

Rim, spokes, hub, nipples, 4 factors for a wheel. How to keep a hand built wheels have nice dynamic balance? Except skilled hand built, high quality hub, we focus on doing sth on rim itself to improve the balance performance. Soarrocs is gonna to share the key with you. As the above photo shows.A rim need a valve, the valve hole is 6.5 mm width usually (we can drill wider as per your need), we drilled valve hole on rim,leave it for installing tire, it brings several grams weight loss, but it impacts dynamic balance. A valve weight 10 grams around, heaver 3-5 grams if using a valve extender. Soarrocs added same weight carbon fiber on the opposite direction. Sure, added inside rim and molded together. This is Soarrocs dynamic balance system ( DB System) about. This skill used widely for all our carbon rims include road disc rim of 38 mm / 50 mm /60 mm /88 mm hookless and tubeless clincher rim.

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